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Clicker Heroes

Get ready to join the epic adventure as a powerful warrior in Clicker Heroes game! It's an idle clicker game where players must take down the monsters with their mouse and upgrade their skills to deal more damage to the monsters!

How to play Clicker Heroes game

In this game, you must tap on the monster on the screen to defeat them. Each click deals a damage value to them. And you have to keep clicking or tapping to make their HP go down to zero.

Later in the game, you can unlock different upgrades. You can upgrade the power of your heroes or hire heroes to take down the beasts quickly. They will do all the job for you. You just need to sit down and watch them get defeated without even lifting a finger.

At the same time, the upgrades will also become more expensive to buy. So invest wisely!

Fight the bosses!

At the end of a region, you will have to face a boss. Defeating the boss brings more gold. Make sure that you have enough power to defeat them! Fail to defeat it? Don't worry! Go back to the previous stage and improve your skills! Then try again!

Different lands to explore

The game has different regions that players can explore. Each one features a new design and environment! The monsters are also different!

Game features

  • Various enemies to take down
  • Different regions to explore
  • Numerous heroes and upgrades

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