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Capybara Merge Evolution

Capybara Merge Evolution is a very engaging idle clicker game, you will play as a farmer who takes care of and exploits capybaras. You will click on capybaras to make as much money as possible. At the same time, you must help capybaras evolve to be able to earn more money. Once you have collected enough money, you will upgrade automatic tools to help you take care of capybaras management more easily, and at the same time, it will also help you generate more money.

How to play

In the game you will perform clickers on capybaras to generate coins. To get more money you will evolve capybaras. You will pair 2 capybaras of the same level together to be able to evolve the capybaras to a higher level. You will use the money you collect to buy items to create more money or buy more capybaras to help the capybaras evolution process faster. When playing, there will be weather effects that will give you an interesting experience while playing. Please note that the higher the evolution level of capybaras, the more money it will generate and think about how to buy and upgrade appropriate items to evolve capybaras fastest to generate more money.

Tips and tricks

  • Click as fast as possible: Click on capybaras as quickly as possible to save time and make the most money possible
  • Upgrade properly: buy and upgrade items properly to help capybaras evolve and generate more money
  • Practice to improve your skills: play the game more to gain more experience to help you generate more money

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