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Tube Clicker

Tube Clicker is a clicker game with a YouTube appearance. In this game, your goal is to build and manage your own channel. You will have to increase your views by tapping the screen. Once you have accumulated enough views, you can upgrade your channel to get more views.

How to play Tube Clicker

You will perform a clicker on the screen to create views. Once you have enough views, you can upgrade your channel, buy apps, and expand your channel the way you want.

You can buy different upgrades. For example, Auto view will help you increase the number of views without having to click on the image. Facenote ads help you increase the number of views to help your channel become more known as also Photogram, Pan pages, etc.

When playing, you will manage your channel by viewing the view information panel, total time, number of clicks, applications being used, and many other information. These data will help you make the best channel management decisions.

Tips and tricks

Plant as fast as possible: Plant as fast as possible to generate as many views as possible, buying buildings helps you increase your channel views.

Upgrade and use the right usage: To help increase your channel views the most, you may need to upgrade and use the building app properly.

Practice to improve your skills: Play more games to improve your skills and channel management.


  • The gameplay is simple but addictive
  • Build and manage your channel the way you want
  • Many options to improve capacity, use applications to develop channels

Tube Clicker offers an engaging experience for those who want to become famous content creators.

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