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Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker is a clicker game. Your mission is to generate a lot of energy to be able to upgrade and unlock more planets. Planet Clicker is a simple but very fun clicking game. You need to click on the stars to generate as much energy as possible. You will use the energy generated to upgrade and open more planets.

How to play Planet Clicker

In the game, you will click on the planet Earth to generate energy. Once you have generated enough energy, go to the store to buy items to help generate more energy. Your goal is to generate as much energy as possible and to be able to unlock other planets. In the game, there are 3 levels Earth, Mars, and Venus for you to freely explore.


Planet Clicker starts with Earth and many power upgrades. You can increase energy output by increasing click power, building farms, power plants, etc.


Once you have earned enough energy from Earth, you can buy Mars through interplanetary energy unit transfer. The red planet comes with a bunch of new upgrades like solar oil, coal, nuclear, and alien technology.


The last planet is Venus, which costs 1 trillion units of energy to buy. The planet has various technologies such as iron, and lava, and a mysterious 'future technology' upgrade is at the bottom of the list.

Note that to be able to generate a lot of energy you need to think about how to use items effectively and have the right strategy to achieve the desired results.

Tips and tricks

Click as fast as possible: During the early game, clicking is the fastest way to gain points. Click as quickly as possible to accumulate more energy for upgrades.

Use items properly: Each item you buy will give you more energy, but you must know how to use it at the right time to achieve the best effect.

Practice to improve your skills: Play more games to improve your skills and reasoning ability.

Game features

  • Build, develop planets, and unlock new ways to operate
  • Upgrade and strengthen in many ways
  • Simple but attractive gameplay

If you are a space enthusiast and desire to explore the planets, Planet Clicker unblocked is the game for you.

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