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Cookie Clicker 3

Cookie Clicker 3 is a very interesting clicker game. Your task is to increase cookie production by clicking the mouse. Once you have enough cookies, you will do shopping and need equipment to be able to create more cookies.

How to play

During the game, you will create additional cookies by clicking on cookies on the screen. When there are enough cookies, buy and upgrade equipment to increase cookie output.
You will buy items like Cursor that will automatically click to make more cookies, Grandma will make more cookies, Farm will build and upgrade the camp to increase cookie production, Mines, and many items other. You need to consider which items to use or upgrade first so you can produce as many cookies as possible.

Tips and Tricks

  • Click as fast as possible: Click as fast as possible to create as many cookies as possible
  • Appropriate upgrades: upgrade machinery and equipment appropriately to help production and transportation achieve the highest efficiency
  • Practice to improve skills: Play more games to improve skills to help create more cookies in the shortest time possible


  • The gameplay is simple but addictive
  • Simple clicker
  • Diverse items

Join the game now. Participate in producing lots of delicious cookies.

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