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Cookie Clicker Save the World

Cookie Clicker Save the World is a simple clicker game. You need a clicker to create cookies. To improve production efficiency, you will need to replace and add new machinery and equipment. You should be aware of climate change as it will have an immediate impact on the efficiency of your cookie production.

How to play

You will click on the computer to create cookies in the game. To generate a lot of power, you have to press fast. Once you have produced enough energy, you can purchase products to increase production efficiency and produce more energy. Climate change is something you should take note of at the same time. Fewer cookies will be produced if climate change worsens. Buying more trees or other products to mitigate climate change is one way to control it.

Tips and techniques

  • Improve skills: play more games to improve your skills
  • Click as fast as possible: Clicking is the fastest way to produce a lot of cookies in the early stages of the game
  • You must take effective action to fight climate change as it will have an immediate impact on biscuit and biscuit production

This is an engaging game that can educate players about climate change while also being fun. I believe this is a game worth trying.

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