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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is the best idle clicker game where players create as many cookies as possible in the universe by clicking and purchasing assets. It has a simple idle clicker game concept. However, millions of players in the world enjoy it. This is because the game features hundreds of achievements to complete and items to unlock! Play the game now for free and try to become the Cookie tycoon in Cookie Clicker. Build your own cookie planet with your patience and skills!

What Is Cookie Clicker Game?

Cookie Clicker is an idle game centered around cookies! Your primary task is to create as many cookies as possible. These cookies serve as currency, enabling you to purchase various items from the in-game store that enhance your cookie production. You accumulate cookies to buy upgrades and enhancements. The game's diverse world of items adds excitement to your cookie-clicking adventures.

Why is Cookie Clicker game so popular?

It is a 2013 clicker game created by French programmer Julien "Orteil" Thiennot. The original game has very simple rules: the user clicks on a big cookie on the screen, earning a single cookie per click. As soon as it was released, the game quickly became popular and is considered the first mainstream hit of the Clicker Games genre.

Firstly, because the game has easy-to-understand gameplay that helps players quickly master the game.

Secondly, the addictive modern game design has made people love it. When the numbers increase, players will feel good. The more cookies that players can make, the happier they feel.

And finally, it's free, you can play it anywhere, anytime without having to worry about fees. That sounds great, right?

How To Play Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker game

Making Cookies and Building a Cookie Planet

First, players tap on the giant cookie to collect a small cookie. In the beginning, you will get one single cookie with your tap. After obtaining a certain amount of cookies, you can buy upgrades such as cursors, grandmas, farms, factories, workers, etc. to create more cookies. Besides, players can earn achievements to help them collect more cookies with every click or every second.

Making cookies and achieving all achievements. Try to purchase supporting items to make your cookies limitless!

Game Controls

As a clicker game, players only need to use the left mouse button or tap on the screen to perform an action.

Knowing The 4 Stages Of The Game

Early Game

Initially, each click on this cookie will give you one cookie; you will have to click as many as possible. At this stage, pointers, grandmothers, and factories are appropriate items.

Mid Game

As you ascend, more cookies are automatically generated. You can switch to hands-free mode and wait until you have accumulated enough cookies to buy more valuable items.

The basic strategy in this part is to start focusing on making purchases that work, for sure. Farms and factories are significantly cheaper than Antimatter Condensers, but they also increase CPS by a very small fraction.

Late Game

At this stage, your task is to focus on expensive assets and upgrades. A little tip for you is to use Godzamok, the Spirit of Ruin. If you get Sugar Lump, use it on the temple and attach Godzamok to the diamond!

End Game

In the final stage, use the golden cookie combo to proceed to Ascension. Ascension in the game allows players to reset their level to unlock rewards through birth.

Achievements In The Game

As of version 2.052 of the game, there are 643 Cookie Clicker achievements to unlock.

10 Hardest Achievements

Here are the 10 most difficult achievements to get:

  • Pebcakes: 218.649 novemdecillion
  • Speed's The Name Of The Game: 100 septendecillion
  • Greener On The Other Sides: 36.955 vigintillion
  • Everyone Everywhere All At Once: 1.535 unvigintillion
  • Where Is My Mind: 5.851 unvigintillion
  • Introspection:1.663 duovigintillion
  • Oft We Mar What's Well: 700 upgrades
  • Septcentennial: 700 of everything
  • And A Little Extra: 100 duovigintillion
  • And A Little Extra: 1 trevigintillion

2 Categories Of Upgrades

When purchasing upgrades or buildings, consider whether the upgrade gives you grant cookies per second to warrant the purchase at this stage.

Below are the characteristics of each upgrade type of Cookie Clicker game:


Buildings like farm, factory, wizard tower, bank are objects that gradually earn you more cookies in exchange for purchasing more buildings or upgrades.

This category has 300 total building upgrades. There is one Grandma improvement and two synergy upgrades in every building after Grandma. Every building has its own upgrades, and the only ones that aren't the same are the mouse upgrades.


Upgrading involves taking existing buildings to maximum levels to earn a grant amount of cookies. Subsequent upgrades will help you ascend faster.

Tips And Strategies To Win

Upgrade the cursor as soon as you can in the early stage: At the beginning, the cursor is your primary means to generate cookies. So try to upgrade it at the first stage.

Invest in upgrades: Buy buildings like Grandmas, Farm, Factory, Mine, and many other upgrades to increase your cookie production.

Unlock special buildings: Some special buildings like the Prism or Antimatter Condenser can provide a significant boost to cookie production.

Play regularly: Visit our site, play it regularly to keep your production running. Check the process regularly to see where you are.

Game Features

  • Suitable for players of all levels
  • Completely free, no ads, no download is required
  • Many upgrades to achieve
  • Over 500 Finished Products to work with
  • Desktop and Mobile supported

Reviews And Ratings

After spending hours playing this game, I find it a really addictive and satisfying incremental game. The concept of clicking the cookie and upgrading the production is simple. However, it's incredibly compelling. It's easy to pick up and play. The amount of content as well as the upgrades keep me coming back for more. It has received positive reviews from critics.

Here is a list of other fantastic clicker game versions

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  • Candy Clicker - Become the candy tycoon by creating as many candies as possible!
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Is Cookie Clicker free to play?

Yes, it is a free idle game that you can play on PC and mobile devices. You can play Cookie Clicker Unblocked online for free at our site.

Does Cookie Clicker ever end?

There is no explicit ending. The highest milestone you can get is getting all achievements currently available or creating an infinite amount of cookies.

How to get infinite cookies in Cookie Clicker?

Be diligent and spend a lot of time playing. Think strategically about purchasing products. You will create quality infinity cookies.


Cookie Clicker is a game with simple but addictive gameplay. This fun game is designed to please people of all ages. A fun, relaxing, stress-free clicker game that is updated, upgraded, and gets better every day. Get ready for the best idle clicker experience!


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