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Candy Clicker 2

Candy Clicker 2 is the second part of the Candy Clicker game where players try to create as many candies as possible! Get ready to grow your sugary empire!

How to play Candy Clicker 2

It's an idle game that features a candy concept. Players click on a candy on the screen to create a candy.

When you collect enough candies, you can unlock different upgrades.

For example, you can buy AutoClick with 15 candies and Cursor with 100 candies.

These upgrades will help you increase your performance. You can create more candies per second. So take a look at the Candy shop and invest wisely to progress faster in the game. Keep up your work to grow your candy empire.

Golden Candies

This is a fun feature of the game. When players create candies, they will fill up the yellow bar placed at the top of the screen. And golden candy will appear on the screen when the bar is full! This allows you to get a ton of candies at the same time! So try to get every single piece of them!

Game Features

  • Clicker gameplay
  • Many upgrades and progresses
  • A variety of achievements

Try your best, upgrade your candy-clicking power, and become the ultimate player in the Candy Clicker 2 game!

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