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Cookie Clicker 5

Cookie game is back with the fifth installment! Cookie Clicker 5 is another variant of the Cookie Clicker game that features Strawberry Cookies! Players must click to create cookies and become the cookie tycoon! Invest in different upgrades at the Store to boost your production speed!

How to play Cookie Clicker 5

Game goal

This version keeps the gameplay of the original version. The goal is to create as many cookies as possible. However, this time, players can have fun with strawberry cookies, more upgrades, and achievements!


First, tap on the strawberry cookie on the screen. You can get one single cookie for each tap. Then, keep tapping to bake more cookies. When you get 15 cookies, you can buy a Cursor. The cursor will help you create one cookie every 10 seconds. Keep playing to earn more cookies. After that, you can unlock other different kinds of upgrades like Farm, Grandmas, and more. These upgrades do a really good job of increasing your cookie production per second! 

At the early stage, you have to keep up tapping and investing on upgrades. Later, you can sit down and watch the cookie number increase! This is because the upgrades you've purchased have done all the job for you!

The main objective is to bake a giant number of cookie, unlock all upgrades, and complete all achievements!

There are many cool upgrades as well as achievements waiting for you in this version!


  • Sweet strawberry cookies
  • Idle clicker gameplay
  • Simple game mechanics
  • More upgrades and achievements

Cookie Clicker 5 brings a cool touch to the original Cookie Clicker game. Play now and have fun!


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