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Cookie Clicker 2

Cookie Clicker 2 is an idle clicker game where the goal is to build a cookie empire with a tap! Once you accumulate enough cookies, buy tools and upgrades to create even more cookies and claim all achievements!

How to play Cookie Clicker 2

Do you like delicious cookies? If you do, then embark on the world of thousands, and millions of cookies in Cookie Clicker 2 game!

It's an idle clicker game. You start by tapping on the big cookie on the screen. With a single tap, you can get a single cookie. Just keep on tapping until you earn a certain number of cookies and unlock new upgrades.


The upgrades play an important role in the game. It's the key to help you create more cookies at the same time.

So in the early stage, you have to spend time tapping. And when you buy upgrades, the number of cookies that you can get per second will increase dramastically. In this stage, you don't have to keep on tapping. This is because the workers and the tools you've purchased will do all the work for you.


There are different achievements in the game. Try to accomplish all of them to show off your skills!


  • Idle clicker gameplay
  • Tons of upgrades
  • Numerous achievements
  • Addictive game concept
  • Simple pleasure of tapping concept

Try to beat all the achievements and collect all upgrades in the game. Get ready to create astronomical cookies in the Cookie Clicker 2 game! The game is unblocked and completely free! Or you can have fun with Cookie Clicker.


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