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Pizza Clicker

Pizza Clicker is a clicker game. You need to click on the pizza to get the most pizzas. Once you have created enough pizzas, you will buy ingredients to make a delicious pizza with many different toppings. You can buy additional items to help you create more pizzas.

How to play Pizza Clicker

You need to click on the pizza to create mini pizzas. When you accumulate a certain amount of pizza, you can buy more toppings and upgrades to increase your pizza production output.


The game offers many types of toppings and each type will require a different number of pizzas to be purchased. In addition, toppings will also help you automatically produce pizza over time. So try to create as many points as possible to buy ingredients.

Some toppings include ketchup, corn, green olives, sausage, eggs, and more.


To improve your pizza business, you can also purchase upgrades like mysterious creatures, beams from the sun, and even top-secret ingredients. Each upgrade will help you improve your click-through rate or earnings.

Tips and tricks

  • Click as fast as possible: Click as fast as possible to accumulate more points to buy more ingredients to make your pizza.
  • Use items properly: Each item you buy will give you more points, but you must know how to use it at the right time to achieve the best results.
  • Practice to improve your skills: Play more games to improve your skills and reasoning ability.

Game features

  • Simple and addictive game
  • Shape your pizza to your liking with a variety of ingredients
  • Many items to buy and upgrade

If you like simple but addictive games like this, Pizza Clicker will definitely be a great choice. Try playing and feel the fun of it!

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