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Cookie Clicker 4

Cookie Clicker 4 is an interesting clicker game. In the game you will use the computer mouse clicker to create many real cookies. When you collect cookies, you will use them to buy and level products to help you create more cookies. The gameplay is very simple but very attractive. You will have to calculate how to buy and upgrade any previous products to be able to produce the most cookies.

How to play

To create cookies you must click on the cookie with your computer mouse. Each time you click, you will create 1 cookie, so you must click quickly to get the most cookies. When you have enough, you will buy and upgrade products to create more cookies. There are many products for you to choose from, but to use it you must collect the necessary number of cookies. In the game there will be products such as a cursor that automatically clicks to create cookies, Mrs. who produces more cookies, farms, and many other items that will help you produce more cookies.

Tips and tricks

  • Click as quickly as possible: Clicking as quickly as possible helps save time and produce more cookies
  • Upgrade accordingly: buy and upgrade products properly to make the most of cookies
  • Practice to improve your skills: play the game more to gain more experience to help you create more cookies


  • The gameplay is simple but very attractive
  • Manage and produce cakes in your own way
  • Upgrade processes in many ways

Cookie Clicker 4 game will bring you many interesting experiences. Join and create more cookies now!

Play the previous version: Cookie Clicker 3.


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