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Capybara Clicker

Do you love cutie capybara? If you do, then play Capybara Clicker game! It's an idle clicker game where players must grow the population of the capybara with their mouse! Click to make capybaras and buy upgrades to increase production!

How to play Capybara Clicker

Just like any other clicker games, you can play the game with just your left mouse button. Left click or tap on the screen to create capybaras. At the beginning, you can make one single capybara with a tap. Then, when you have enough number of them, you can buy upgrades. The ultimate objective is to create as many capybaras as you can! Try to make their population explode!

Upgrades in the game

Different upgrades bring different features. 

The most common upgrades are ones that can help boost your capybara production per second.

The special part in this game is that players can change the weather and buy new outfits and skins for the capybara! Just head to the Capybara closet and pick your favorite! That makes the game really addicting to play.

Game Features

  • Many cool upgrades
  • Idle clicker game with cute capybaras
  • Different outfits to unlock
  • Changeable weather backdrop

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