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Time Clickers

Dive into the vibrant world of Time Clickers, a dynamic 2D shooting game where your main task is to endlessly click to break blocks and collect gold coins. Use the money you earn to upgrade your weapons and assemble an elite team to aid you in battle. This game has no microtransactions and hidden costs, making it the perfect choice for everyone.

How to play

Your task is to click continuously to break the blocks and drop coins. This idle clicker game lets you use collected coins to buy automatic weapons, upgrade guns with advanced features like increased damage, and recruit a team of top shooters to assist you in your battles. defeat the enemy.


  • Destroy blocks: Click to destroy blocks and collect gold coins.
  • Upgrade weapons: Use gold to upgrade your weapons.
  • Time block challenge: Face the time block in the 100th wave.
  • Artifacts and Achievements: Explore 53 artifacts, unlock 100 achievements, and discover 17 extras.
  • Diverse enemies and areas: Fight across 15 areas with over 85 different enemies, using a team of 5 members.

What are you waiting for? Get in the game and start your adventure today!

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