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Spacebar Clicker 2

Spacebar Clicker 2 is a clicker game. Your task is to press the spacebar to create the most points. Once you have collected enough points, you will buy items to help you earn more points.

How to Play 

You must press a key to generate points. First, you must try to press the key as quickly as possible to gain many points. You will use upgrade points to generate even more points. When choosing to buy products, you need to think carefully because each product has different uses. Because if you choose the right item, it will get you the most points
When playing, there will be many items for you to choose from, such as the Abacus, an ancient calculation tool. Each click from the particle is generated every 10 seconds. The typewriter will give you 1 point after 5 seconds. Fax machines and many other products. Each product has a different score requirement. So create a lot of points so you can buy more support items to help you earn more points.

Can you become the Spacebar Clicker 2 record holder? Play the game now!

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