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Popsicle Clicker

Popsicle Clicker is a fun, addictive clicker game in which you have to produce ice cream non-stop. Each click produces an ice cream cone, but you'll soon have points to unlock molds, carts, factories, and even ice cream rockets that will do your work for you. Keep clicking and don't stop until you get to popsicle heaven

How to play

This game is a simple type of clicker game. The main goal of the game is quite simple, you have to collect as many ice creams as possible before they melt. Each click creates an ice cream cone. Collect enough popsicles and you can unlock upgrades such as increasing harvesting speed, automatic harvesting, accumulating bonuses, etc.
These upgrades will help increase harvesting speed and the number of ice cream sticks obtained. Completing missions and challenges will reward you with popsicles and new features.

Upgrades include

Speed ​​up harvesting: Click faster and produce more ice cream in less time
Automatic Harvest: Unlock tools and machines that continue to produce ice cream even when you're not clicking
Accumulate bonuses: Earn bonuses that increase your ice cream production exponentially

Main feature

  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Vivid graphics and sound
  • Challenging mission
  • Continuous upgrades

Join the game to create your own popsicle world. Have fun playing Popsicle Clicker!

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