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Poop Clicker

Poop Clicker is a clicker game. Your goal is simple: click on the stool icon to earn points. Performing unlocks upgrades that increase your point generation. The game still offers a unique and humorous experience that attracts players of all ages.

How to play 

To play, start with a bowel movement. Each click accumulates points. As your score increases, you can purchase upgrades to improve your clicking efficiency and unlock new types of stools.

Continuous clicking earns more points, unlocking more upgrades and special abilities.

Upgrades in Poop Clicker

Hand: 10 emojis
Baby: 100 emojis
Toilet: 1000 emojis
Cow: 5000 emojis
Farm: 10,000 emojis
Factory: 100,000 emojis
Cities: 10 million emojis
Earth: 1 billion emojis

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