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Pokemon Clicker

Pokemon Clicker is a very attractive clicker game. The game is inspired by the famous Pokemon game. Your task is to click on the Pokeball to make a lot of money. You will use that money to buy and upgrade Pokemon so you can train them into powerful companions. At the same time, when buying or upgrading it will help you make more money.

How to play

You will click on the computer mouse or click the movie to get the most money. When playing bridge, you need to bet quickly to make the most money. When you have enough money, you will go to the store to buy better Pokeballs to bring higher profits. You will collect Pokemon from the Pokeballs you have collected. Improve your gaming skills to collect colorful gems. Note that you should click quickly and upgrade your Pokeball to earn more money.

Tips and tricks

  • Chick quickly to get more money: when participating, you need to click as quickly as possible to collect a lot of money to buy Pokeballs as soon as possible to increase the bonus even more.
  • Smash Pokemon eggs: when playing, you will go to the store to break eggs, it will hatch into extremely cute Pokemon.
  • Upgrade Pokeball: when you play, upgrade your Pokeball and it will automatically generate money.

The game will be a very interesting experience for you, play the game every day to collect Pokemon and train them into powerful companions!

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