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Planet Clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2 is a clicker game. In the game, you will participate in producing a lot of energy and unlocking more planets. Use the collected energy to buy and upgrade to generate more energy. In this new version, there will be more features and more information for you to explore.

How to play

When playing you will click on the earth to generate energy. The faster you click, the more energy is produced. Once you have collected enough energy, you will buy additional items to help generate more energy
The game has many planets for you to explore. You need to upgrade and use your existing planetary resources to generate as much energy as possible to lock down other planets.

Like the original Planet Clicker, you start on Earth. Here you can increase energy production by increasing click power, building farms, power plants, and other basic human industries.

Once your mission flies beyond Earth, the spices really start flowing. On Mars, you will find new ways to exploit energy such as nuclear oil and even Martian technology. Each planet you reach has new technologies and resources to exploit.

Tips and tricks

  • Press quickly to generate more energy
  • Buy the right items and upgrades to generate the most energy
  • Each planet has a different technology, take advantage of it to get the most energy

Let's join the game now to explore the planets

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