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Monster Clicker

Monster Clicker is a simple and addictive clicker game. Your task is to clicker to destroy the monsters that appear to collect as much gold as possible. With gameplay that focuses on continuous or automatic clicking, you will experience an engaging adventure through the different levels of the game.

How to play

First, you will click your computer mouse on monsters on the computer screen to destroy them and collect bonuses. You need to click your mouse as smoothly as possible to be able to kill more monsters and collect more bonuses.

When you accumulate enough bonuses, you can use them to upgrade weapons and equipment to kill monsters more easily. Remember that your goal is to destroy monsters and collect as many bonuses as possible

Game features

  • Upgrade System: Use currency to upgrade characters' click power, speed, and endurance, as well as weapon durability and strength
  • Boss Challenge: Defeat powerful Bosses to receive special rewards and advance to new levels
  • Sharp Images: The game has simple but clear and attractive graphics, with diverse and colorful monster images

Get ready to join this adventure and prove your fighting abilities in Monster Clicker!

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