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Kiwi Clicker

Kiwi Clicker is a fun clicker game. Your goal is to produce as many kiwis as possible to satisfy the king's hunger. You will manage kiwi birds, and kiwi production and develop this empire.

How to play

First, you create a kiwi by clicking on the Kiwi bird. When you produce a certain number of kiwis, you need to transport these kiwis to the king to make money. Each delivery will have to go through an inspection, so you need to speed up to deliver as many kiwis and earn as much money as possible. When the king appears, quickly clicks on the king as much as possible to receive countless amounts of money.
In the process from production to transportation, in order to earn the most money, we need to upgrade the speed of production, transportation, and inspection to be able to deliver more kiwis to homes and earn the most money.

Tips and tricks

  • Click as fast as possible: Click as fast as possible to create the most kiwis that can be transported to the vulture for the most money.
  • Appropriate upgrading: implementing appropriate process upgrades to help production and transportation be most effective
  • Practice to improve your skills: Play more games to improve your skills and management


  • The gameplay is simple but addictive
  • Build a jar base according to your wishes
  • Upgrade processes in many ways

Kiwi Clicker will bring you an exciting experience while playing. What are you waiting for? Join Kiwi production right away!

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