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Idle Mole Empire

Idle Mole Empire is an engaging idle clicker game. Your mission is to build and manage a mole empire. As the operator, you will create facilities and tunnels to meet the needs of the mole, from farms and gyms, to bars and laboratories. Discover how to manage this empire and become the most successful mole tycoon!

How to play

Click or tap the big play button on the home screen to start your journey in Idle Mole Empire.

Build the infrastructure

Mole Farm: Produce food to feed your empire.
Gym: Keep your mole healthy and active.
Bar: Provides a place for entertainment and relaxation for moles.
Laboratory: Research and develop new technologies.
Canteen: Meets the food needs of moles.
Large Hall: Organize events and meetings.

Employee manager

Control the mole staff to move up and down the elevator to transport goods and materials between floors.
Assign work to employees to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Earn Money

Collect cash from Mole's sales office.
Use money earned to expand and upgrade facilities, increasing income for your empire.

Tips and Tricks

  • Continuous Upgrades: Always invest in upgrading existing facilities to optimize performance and increase income.
  • Effective Time Management: Arrange the work of mole employees appropriately to avoid congestion and waste of time.
  • Financial Tracking: Continuously check and adjust financial strategies to ensure stable cash flow and high profits.


  • Variety of Facilities: Build many different types of facilities such as farms, gyms, bars, and more.
  • Mole Staff: Manage and control mole staff to run your empire effectively.
  • Beautiful Graphics: The game has beautiful and vivid graphics, providing a fun and engaging experience.

Idle Mole Empire is a fun and addictive game, you can challenge yourself while playing. Let's start playing now!

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