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Doggo Clicker

Doggo Clicker is a colorful and fun clicker game where you can enjoy raising and taking care of adorable puppies. The game gives players memorable experiences with attractive features that you cannot ignore.

How to play

By clicking on your dog, you can improve their mood and earn money to buy upgrades.
Upgrades and Accessories:
You will be equipped with up to 21 different types of accessories for your dog, along with more than 50 enhancement options to enhance their abilities and appeal. From a cute crown to precious objects, each accessory and enhancement makes your dog more special than ever.
Building Prestigious Residences and Floors:
Not simply nurturing, you are also responsible for building an ideal living space for your dogs. With two prestigious floors and plenty of shelter upgrade options, you can optimally improve your living conditions and mood.

Goals and Challenges

Doggo Clicker is not simply an ordinary clicker game. It requires players to have a strategy and wise resource management to complete specific objectives and achieve great achievements in the game.

Doggo Clicker is the ideal choice for those who love pets and want to enjoy a memorable gaming experience. Start playing today to explore the adorable world of dogs and challenge yourself with exciting goals!

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