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Cookie Tap

Cookie Tap is a fun clicker game where you can create delicious cookies and discover special in-game rewards using the number of cookies you have created.

How to play

Joining the game is very simple: just click on the largest cookie on the screen and click continuously to fill in the number bar above. The number of clicks will increase each time you fill the volume bar. You can use the amount of cookies generated in the game to exchange for valuable rewards, for example:

Hands: 15 or more cookies
Grandma: 100 cookies or more
And there are many other attractive rewards waiting for you.

Buy upgrades

Use your cookies to buy more updates and expand your cookie empire. You can start by renting a cookie from your grandmother to feel right at home. Additionally, you can also buy a cookie tree, a cookie shop, or a cookie factory to speed up your earnings and maximize the number of cookies you earn while playing. The game will continue offline, and when you return, you'll see how much time and cookies you've missed. Start playing now and become the world cookie king!

Features of the game

  • Play Offline: Keep earning cookies even when not online.
  • Colorful 3D graphics: The game has vivid and eye-catching images.
  • Fun and long-lasting: Perfect for those who love long-term gaming.

If you love chocolate and cookies, this is the perfect opportunity to own your own factory and bakery. Customers are eagerly waiting for delicious desserts from you. Save time and increase your popularity as the best cookie maker!

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