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Clock Clicker

Clock Clicker is a clicker game where you earn timebucks by clicking on the clock. Use accumulated timebucks to buy various watches and upgrades that will help you earn more money. The game is very simple but it will bring you a fun and exciting experience.

How to play

When the game starts, you will click on the clock to get a lot of timebucks. Once you have collected enough, you will buy items to help you create more timebucks. At the store, there will be many items for you to choose from. Your job is to collect Timebucks to have enough money to buy and choose the appropriate upgrade items to make a lot of money in the shortest time.
Like other clicking games, you will have to click as fast as possible, especially in the early stages of the game. Generate the most money to have enough money to buy more goodies to help you play more easily

Game features

  •  Simple but very engaging game
  •  Many support items
  •  Suitable for all ages

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