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Bread Clicker

Bread Clicker is a clicker game where you create bread and build your own world. You'll make more bread with each click and can purchase upgrades to increase your productivity. When you accumulate enough bread, you can buy new hands and other upgraded goods to support automatic clicking and produce more bread per second. The more you upgrade, the more bread you can make per second.

How to Play

Click on the large loaf of bread on the screen to create bread. Each click will increase your bread quantity. Use accumulated bread to buy upgrades that help you click faster or automate the bread-making process. Use your earnings to unlock various items and improvements, increasing bread production efficiency with modern automation cycles.

Explore Bread Clicker Upgrades

In Bread Clicker, there are 10 important upgrades that help speed up your production. Each upgrade increases bread output per second, allowing you to make more bread.

Additionally, thieves will appear randomly and steal 5% of your bread. Click on the thief to catch and stop the theft.

You can also unlock factories and mines to improve product quality, and open shops to have your bread sold globally, expanding your brand.

Tips and Tricks

  • Focus on Upgrades First
  • Automation Is Key
  • Consider Your Upgrade Strategy

Bread Clicker will bring you exciting moments of entertainment. Click and enjoy this magical world of bread!

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