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Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker is a clicker game. You will constantly click to create bananas and think about how to buy tools to create even more bananas. The game will help you challenge your patience and reflexes. Let's join to create a world with countless bananas!

How to play

You will use your computer mouse to click on the banana on the screen. Each click will create a banana. Once you have collected enough bananas, you can purchase upgrades such as reducing the waiting time between collections or automatically collecting bananas. Each upgrade will require a certain number of bananas. Use your bananas wisely to buy the most important upgrades first, helping you create more and more bananas.

Upgrade Strategy

  • Prioritize Upgrades Early: Invest early in upgrades that increase the number of bananas per click and reduce waiting time
  • Focus on Automation: When you have enough bananas, invest in automation upgrades to reduce the fatigue of constant clicking
  • Resource Management: Use bananas effectively to purchase the most important upgrades first

Play Tips

  • Use Mouse or Touch: If playing on mobile, use touch to click faster
  • Focus on Goals: Set specific goals such as purchasing a certain upgrade or achieving a specific number of bananas in a short period of time
  • Play Often: Play often to take advantage of upgrades and increase your score quickly

Join this exciting clicker adventure where you'll click to create bananas and upgrade tools to harvest more and more bananas. Experience it now!

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